Already ordered by other customers

We see the most beautiful and fun roller blinds from our creative customers. At this page we show you some examples of what has already been ordered.

  • Something other than canvas

    "Everyone we have visiting us, is enthusiastic about our new roller blinds."

  • STUDiO iBiZZ

    "a unique way of advertising and very useful too!"

  • Very proud

    "I get happy every time I close my roller blinds."

  • Beautiful gift for grandma

    "Grandma was very happy with this personal gift."

  • A true piece of Art

    "Very nice to have my own cats on my roller blinds."

  • Popping roller blind

    "This roller blind looks as if it comes right out of a comic book."

  • Day dreaming about London

    "Because of our new roller blind, it is as if I am right back in London every night."