Design your favourite roller blinds using patterns

Looking for roller blinds with the most attractive patterns? Look no further than Inspirations! Inspirations allows you to design roller blinds yourself, with a choice of patterns or using a photograph from your own collection. From colourful flowers to romantic hearts, anything to suit your taste! Our roller blinds not only look stylish in the bathroom, but also in e.g. the kitchen or the children's room. Attractive, practical and designed by you.

Your own patterned roller blinds

Inspirations allows you to have your own favourite photograph printed on your roller blinds, or choose from our large range of patterns such as stripes, honeycomb and all sorts of colours. This way you can design roller blinds that are truly personal and are a pleasure to look at.

Design your roller blinds in four simple steps; it will take only a few minutes of your time. All you have to do is tell us your requirements and choose or upload the photograph of your choice. At Inspirations we take the idea of 'made-to-measure' literally, and we guarantee high-quality roller blinds with your own photograph at a very affordable price.

So there is no need for searching the perfect roller blinds. Inspirations allows you to use your own design instead!

Your own design on a roller blind

Get personalized window decoration and have your blind printed with your favourite design. Let your creativity flow and create your personal blind today!