How does it work?

Creating you personalized blind at Intensions is easy and fun! We have made the design process as simple as possible. In no time you create can the perfect blind for your house.

Creating your own blind: this is how you do it!

During the design and configuration of your blind you can see how the blind will look. This enables you to experiment as much as you want before you place an order.


Take a look at the steps

  1. Our design or yours
  2. Size
  3. Preview of the blind
  4. Check your order

Step 1: Select your design

You can use one of our designs or you can design it yourself. Select the type of fabric for the blind.

Step 2: Specify the size of the blind

Using our instructions you can easily measure the exact requested size of your blind.

Step 3: Preview your blind

After uploading your design or picture you can then check the way it looks. It is easy to create a preview of your design or to increase or decrease the size of the picture.

Step 4: Check your order

Check your order and fill out your personal information.

You have now created your own blind!

Create your own roller blind today

Let your creativity flow and create your personal blind today !